Electron Planet / Press

“out of allll the songs played on the radio tonight from my ten picks, everyone stopped chatting about nonsense and really, i mean REALLY listened to The Fall of Gondolin by EP and gave it most cheer! it was rec'd VERY well! great job!”

TNT GIGZ - email

“Heartstrings is really delightful, and awesome! great job! you are amazing. truly. ”

TNT GIGZ - personal email

“You have so much talent and this song shows it off oh so well! Almost a "chariots of fire" feeling to this one. Your sense of musical wonderment blows me away. Your use of space and time and instrumentation is outstanding. Excellent sound quality and mixing. You grasp a feeling and mood and really run with it here. Excitement for life shines bright here. So well done. I now expect a great journey when I listen to your music. Thank U! ”

Jasonggabbott - ubetoo.com

“This is PERFECT for the mood I am in. This song is taking my soul on a wonderfully colorful journey. Magnificent sound quality and mixing. This song produces feelings of well being and comfort along with dreams of fantastic wonders that are ahead. So well done and enjoyable. I really like the high frequency sounds throughout. The song pic is awesome by the way. The end has a cool "James Bond" feel to it.”

Jason - ubetoo.com

“I love that this is not just insipid floaty synth pads but has got real meat and drama to it..love the grandeur of "the trees" and the detailed, brilliant tension you maintain with "water of awakening"..well considered and arranged progressive tuneage! ”

MikeWhitePresents - reverbnation

“Epic, It changed my life. Upbeat is what I needed and this song delivered. It has a quality that is hard to define, perhaps the consonance of it while still being complex enough to remain interesting throughout. Certainly an inspiration to a musician trying to aspire to such levels. ”

rybird - internetdj.com

“Very unique.... love the chord progression. Guitar inclusion was a damn cool idea, well executed.”

Michael - internetdj.com

“Nice intro, reminds me of the style of enigma. Cool downtempo vibe. Uplifting melodies. Makes me chill out a bit. Guitar is a nice touch to lighten up it some more. Cool solid production!! ”

Particle-X - internetdj.com

“Have you ever played a Sims video game? This reminds a bit of the main music in the Sims Series. Its very relaxed and easy going. There isn't a piece that I feel is out of sync and its just very smooth and laid back. It has an early 90's feel to it. I can see this being played on the discovery channel or another series in which elements of time progression and wonder are needed. Awesome work :) (Posted on: ) ”

“Deep feeling, sounds progressive a lot. Very cool.”


“lo0l..this is a brutality of chillout ;) (well..singed could be a nice ballad)..i mean, realy cool..just lovely..Stay In! (Posted on: Apr 2, 2011) ”


“absolute greate work here with the guittar and all your instruments bro ! nice pads .. really a trip melody here .. i just thinkthis track need some drums and maybe some vocals but your work with the guittar and ercussion is greate keepup man !”


“The opening really does make me think of a church, most specifically the serenity that seems to hang around them. Until the bass kicks in. This it it man, I can almost see Blain strutting up the isle, really this is just a bad ass tune”