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“Shaunna Hall still has it!!! by vinnierulesocc i bought this album years ago, didnt know what to expect. tell u one thing, im glad i did!!! the song writing and producing on this album is excellent!!! "save myself" is the stand out track, shaunna hall is an excellent song-writer, producer and guitarist. def look into this masterpiece! 10/10”

““A divine pleasure it is to find music written this well, that doesn’t conform to the standards imposed by genre or demographic.”—Brian Ball, Talent Director”

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the album, particularly as it is has also become one of my Dad's favourite (he is 82 years old). He went into hospital in January with a heart attack and I left him my mp3 player with your album playing and he's been hooked ever since! So much so I had to give him my mp3 player! Plus he plays the disc in the house. I thought you might like to know the far reaching positive effect it has had on others, thank you so very much! -Akoshi”

- akoshi - via e-mail

“Mallia(queenoffunk)Franklin said… U R the baddest GE-TAR playin sista I know in the universe!!!! keep glowin and flowin stay up and stay blessed”

"Hall seems to be making music for the sake of music, which is a musical ideologist's dream. The tracks are as long as she wanted them, which happens to be longer than the standard radio playtime. Though not logical from a business standpoint, it's spiritually a commendable act."

DAN MCMAHON - Boise Weekly