electrik buddha / Press

“If you like hunting the unconventional you'll love Electrik Buddha”

“And along comes Electrik Buddha - who not only wow with their music, but woo with some haunting vocals and musical genre which, I will call open architecture. It has a bit of everything. Their music not being genre bound gives it such a free flow and feel ! My favorites are Nightmare, Nameless, Poison, Train and Tribal! ”


“The last act of the night was Electrik Buddha, an indo-funk rock fusion of genres heard almost nowhere else. Electrik Buddha sounds something like the love child of Erkin Koray's psych-rock inspiration of the seventies and Ravi Shankar's Indian music. Born out of a collaboration between guitarist Jayesh Gandhi and singer Samyukta Ranganathan, the set featured songs from their eponymous debut album with accompaniment by Naren Budhakar on tabla... With Samyukta's haunting vocals and Jayesh's fiery guitar leads, Electrik Buddha closed the night on a musical note that is heard from no other band.”