Electric Sister / Press

“Have you ever been to one of those shows where it was loud, blaring rock music? Yet, the band was just so good, you were like, louder, because just experiencing that energy in that moment was more important than the possibility of blood spewing out your ears. That was Electric Sister last night at Hemlock Tavern. Pure rock stars.”

"Oakland's Electric Sister opened this show and brought a piece of the L.A. strip with them. Big arena rock riffs, the stadium moves to boot and all the schlock you could ask for. Take a Guns and Roses record, break it with an ashtray you bought at a Pantera show while doing a Rob Halford impersonation and you may wake up in Electric Sister.

“Boomers | LAS VEGAS | NV | JUNE | 19 | 2010 next up was a band from Oakland Calif. "Electric Sister" and these guys were totally electric. The hardest part about photographing these guys was staying out of the way of lead vocalist as he was jumping on tables jumping on the bar, on top of slot machines, and with their hardcore sound their set went by so quick, it was definitely a fast paced set. check them out on MySpace you can listen to their tunes and get a feel for what you will see if you go to one of their shows. ”

“These guys aren't big on foreplay, but once they get started you'll just spread it and beg for more. Slapping you around right from the start with hard hitting drums and screaming licks that'll leave your lips chapped, revving tunes like Rock is Religion will have you sweating harder than the lead singer after 12 bitches that are as twisted as he is. They'll try to relax you a bit with the melodic Kama Sutra before pounding you again with something harder like Goddess. Keeping rock alive with every electrified moment they take the stage, their tunes are just as good taken either way. Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll. It's in there. ”

“so....went to see a friends band Saturday & well...they ROCKED! Go see Electric Sister if you have a chance!!! Now thats my kind of Rock n' Roll, Punk n' Roll call it what you will just go see em! Good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Nikki Davis | San Francisco If you already haven't seen Electric Sister GO! They RIP!!! ...and Jason didn't pay me to say that! :) ”

“Alisha Amnesia | San Francisco It was so fun seeing you guys last week! Your band was so much fun! ”