Electric Okra / Press

“A great collection of ambient soundscapes full of mood and texture.”

Jane Silence - Singer/Songwriter

"...jazzy, funky, house-inflected goodness"

“Very peaceful yet alive. Impressive!”

unclefesta - TheSixtyOne

“Meditative and funky”

Catrice T. - Facebook

“Can't keep still! Love the beat & warm / heavy sound!”

DoubleUIM - Last.fm

“Simply brilliant!”

DJ Voide

“Freakin' Excellent!! I've been listening to Synth music for some time now (30 years +). Pretty original sound.”

Onetense1 - Last.fm

“[Jazz Sandwich] is so full of energy, and that bass line gives me real good vibes. Nice one!”

lelemelo - Last.fm

“Cool and funky downtempo ambient sounds”

Pixieguts - -Last.fm