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“...They base what they do in old-school rock ‘n’ roll and blues, but Smith’s nuanced picking might result in a bluegrass run, a surf-punk guitar solo or a rockabilly lick getting tossed into the mix at any given time. It’s all part and parcel of Electric Healing’s desire to lighten the load of its listeners. They worked up eight or so originals and a healthy set list of cover tunes — although some, Smith said, are so rearranged that they might be unrecognizable. “I like to take extreme liberties ...If there’s a song I’ve got to play, but I can’t do it the way it’s known and loved, I’ll find a way to do it... That’s where the healing comes in for me...just leave this place and go out there and just play what hits me instead of thinking what the next note’s going to be, I’m listening like everyone else. To me, that’s high adventure. That’s great fun, and I’ve found it gets people’s attention. ”

“Very well done-----this is great!!!!!!!!!!! ”

The Inlimbo - ReverbNation.com

“A THING, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle. it pierces deeply, making it impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

David Namerow - ReverbNation.com

“Word up! Thats dope! That Cold Turkey gives Clapton a run for his $. But all I need is "All You Need" ;) nice ”

Clinch Mtn Mojo - ReverbNation.com

“Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work..”

VueJaDay - ReverbNation.com

“It takes a lot to get the Steves out of the house. Electric Healing has proven they have what it takes to do this. The show I saw resulted in one audience member leaving with her delusions of non-existence fully healed. Before experiencing Electric Healing the author used to blink way too much. Since the show I blink just enough. I've also noticed none of my razors has gotten the least bit duller since then, either. Cool! ”

Rev. Ned Flanders - The Sheboygan Daily Shizzle