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“We’ve been waiting for this new release ever since ‘Parlour Game’! The ever amazing Eleanore and The Lost are back for more. With a plan to release a three part album, Part I from ‘The Gift’ sets our expectations high for the music to follow. Eleanore’s range is out of this world! The songs are really well written too, the music is beautiful. An excellent job guys!”

“'My True Nature': It grabs you first time because of the powerful vocals with an enormous range! This is a really well written infectious track with some great talent showcased.”

“'Sorry, Child': The lyrics are extremely powerful in this simple yet soulful ballad. The vocals are extremely strong and this coupled with the piano and strings makes for a positively glittering track!”

“'Leap of Faith': You should chase this tune because of the hauntingly beautiful vocals alongside the soft picked guitar which then kicks into a soft rock song that makes a real impact on the listener.”

“They formed in 2010 and received some fantastic reviews, particularly praising their spectacular live shows. Eleanore and The Lost are an extremely talented bunch – Eleanore has a huge four octave range! There new release (Part I of The Gift) certainly shows this talent, it also shows a range of styles and themes, it’s well worth a listen! A great effort from Eleanore & the Lost.”

“Eleanore & the Lost are back following on from their successes with Parlour Game, they are now set to release an album in three parts. They kick things off with Part I ‘The Gift’. The tracks on this release are extremely well written and performed to the highest standard. Eleanore’s vocals are flawless and have such a pure sound. This is a release that really deserves some attention!”

“The awesome vocal might and musical presence of Eleanore And The Lost are unleashed with a mix of rock, pop and grunge as the story changes direction. Perhaps a representation of youth and love, Eleanore, a Kate Bush-like vocalist, stole the show and certainly uplifted the audience, evident by standing ovations at the end.”

"I have to say Eleanore & the Lost have done us all proud with My True Nature! Once again this is another masterpiece in their impressive repertoire, and I will certainly give it some airplay..." David Durrant

David Durrant - Brooklands FM

“GUILFEST TO EXPECT PARLOUR GAMES FROM ELEANORE IT might be her first time at GuilFest but Eleanore, the Cranleigh singer-songwriter, has racked up live experience that would make others blush, writes Luke Jacobs. Winner of a television songwriting competition back in 2004 and finalist in the Live and Unsigned competition last year, the artist is already used to putting herself up for scrutiny. And boasting an impressive CV, Eleanore certainly seems determined not to waste any time. She released her album Parlour Game, featuring 11 self-penned tracks, at the end of 2009 and it will be performed at GuilFest. And revellers are in for a treat, with Eleanore taking inspiration from singers such as Jeff Buckley, Evanescence, Kate Bush and Björk. However, despite the fame enjoyed by these unlike others, she believes she has her own formula for making her album as listenable as possible. “I make sure that all the tracks on my albums are something that I would release as a single,””

“Asmakam: The Quest SB.dance. InvASIAn Festival "Eleanore Duggan provides a beautiful soundscore of intermingled western and Indian music, and, in one scene, haunting vocals." ”