Elder G- / Press

“The mighty flow and fire of Holy Spirit is upon this ministry!”

Reverend Shahzad - Flow of Spirit Ministries International Ministries, Faislabad, Pakistan

“Our church was blessed by this ministry! We cried tears of joy because the word of Jesus is awesome with his power in him!”

Pastor Gonzales - Christian Alliance Churches, Mindanao, Philippines

“Elder G- has a message for this messy age, and I believe (like his name says) that he is "bold" enough to take it to the people God sends him to.”

Apostle Carmen Lattimore, D.Min. - Victory Church International, Ft. Washington, MD

“Praise the Lord for your ministry and worship through dance and drama. Bless you, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire rendition.”

Bishop Willie J. Jackson - Christ Centered Outreach Ministry, Augusta, GA

“When it comes to WORSHIP... Elder G- is Mr. Set the ATMOSPHERE!”

Elder Carlous Price - Victorious Life Church, Washington, DC


Apostle Van Freeman, Sr. - Emmanuel World Evangelistic Outreach, Charlotte, NC

“AWESOME, To God be the Glory!”

Pastor Betite Parrish - Greensboro, North Carolina


Apostle Gary Gordon - Freedom in the Spirit Ministries, Washington, DC

“Elder Gerald is one of those chosen that will preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick (Luke 9:2)”

Minister Telia Cummings - Hope City Ministries, Ackron, OH

“This MINISTRY is SPIRIT and it is LIFE!”

Minister Tracy Waters - Bowie, MD

“God has elevated and esteemed this ministry!”

Pastor A. L. Gathers - Life Cathedral Ministries, Orangeburg, SC

“The power and anointing of GOD is tangible in this ministry!”

Kimberly Neal - Kingdom of God Deliverance Ministries, Manassas, VA

“I appreciate this man of God because he doesn't entertain you, he worships!”

Dr. Sinclair Grey, III - Atlanta, GA

“Exprezzion is bringing healing to hurting and broken saints everywhere!”

Elder Anthony Scales - Faith Apostolic Temple, Gaithersburg, MD

“Signs, wonders and miracles follow this ministry!”

Elder Eric Eddy - Emmanuel World Evangelistic Outreach, Charlotte, NC

“A MIGHTY man of GOD!”

Bishop Mark L. Gilkey - Saint Mark Cathedral, COGIC, Wichita, KS

“The ANOINTING is THICK on this ministry!”

Dr. Pamela R.J. Browne - Annapolis, MD

“A SURE word is in this man of God's mouth!”

Elder Fatima Bartee-Reid - Victory Church International, Ft. Washington, MD


Kenyatta C. Hill - K. C. Hill Company, Washington, DC

“My God, My God, a much needed ministry”

Minister Ann Todd - We Inspire, Inc., Washington, DC

“Exprezzion needs to be on the road going to every church!”

Constance McCrimmon - Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“Exprezzion is AMAZING!”

Annette Herndon-White - First Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Dumfries, VA

“Exprezzion Creative Arts Ministry is anointed, beautiful and very much needed”

Apostle Christine R. Brown - C.R. Brown Ministries, Washington, DC