Eldad Tarmu Jazz Ensemble / Press

“Not only is Eldad a first-rate vibraphonist, but his compositional ideas also bring an interesting and innovative sound to the fore.”

“Meet the new face of jazz vibraphone. Tarmu differs from other relatively recent jazz vibraphonists... [...] ...His modernity is inherent in the music itself while still retaining the classic foundation you’d expect to find on one of your favorite Blue Note releases.”

“Tarmu's arrangements reveal an excellent feel for making the music move.”

“An excellent vibraphone player... ...whose heart is unequivocally bound to Jazz, American–style.”

"Eldad Tarmu is one of the finest vibraphonists on the jazz scene. Both on records and in live performances, he has consistently shown that he can easily hold his own with the most creative jazz musicians. His sense of swing, attractive sound and logical solos are always a joy to hear"