Eric Lee Beddingfield / Press

“Eric Lee Beddingfield - If He Sings & Looks Like A Star, Then He’s A Star!”

“REBEL DAWG RECORDS has opened its doors in NASHVILLE, and have signed ERIC LEE BEDDINGFIELD as its first artist. BEDDINGFIELD’s first album “This Life Ain’t For Everybody,” is already out digitally and his first Country single, “The Gospel According To George Jones,” is being shipped to Country radio this week. For more on ERIC LEE BEDDINGFIELD visit www.elbrocks.com.”

“Eric Lee Beddingfield is a singer, songwriter and entertainer whose destiny could lead him nowhere else except on stage singing his unique brand of country and Southern rock songs about the life he’s lived and witnessed.”

“We both sat there at the showcase, watching this guy lay out some of the best vocals either one of us have ever heard. His stage presence was addictive. No Pro-Tools here. No slick polish. Just a great vocalist laying out the goods. It was awesome.”

Shannon Dauphin - Music Nashville

“The album is good -- but it doesn't do him justice. If you want a taste of what he can really do, you've got to see Eric live. The man can bring it like nobody's business. ”

Shannon Dauphin - Music Nashville