EkoTren / Press

“Ekotren is pumping on all cylinders here. They have "the energy of youth" and much more strength than you would expect. This is another band that melds melody with aggression without ever coming off as “soft”. This is a punishing album from a band with a chance to make big waves. ”

“Light The Fire has a lot going for it, most notably the gem Tranquilized - This could be their meal ticket with its addictive chorus and solid guitar riffs guiding the song(think Killswitch Engage, Chevelle, or newer-era Diecast). ”

“Ekotren offers an excellent debut, displaying a lot of potential. There are songs here to please the casual metal fan and material heavy enough for diehards. Most importantly, Light the Fire contains strong and memorable songs with great production, worthy to listen to over and over again. ”

“LIGHT THE FIRE showcases a band whose tastes span the modern metal spectrum with pleasingly varied results.”

“This 11 track disc is full of powerful statements from a band with a vision, buy into it, you will not regret it. ”

“Man, it's all here. Metalcore, hardcore, punk, thrash and just plain old crunchy but teflon slick metal crash all over the place. It's a controlled amalgam of musical styles that segue effortlessly one into the other. If one thing doesn't sweep you up - give it a minute - another will.”

“entertaining metal album from an underground artist that should be getting more attention.”

“the more I listen to EkoTren, the more it baffles me how good it is, simply because it's not the kind of music I'd usually like at all, and their debut effort is one I'd find fitting both for casual listening sessions like in car, but also for intense late night enjoyment”

“The buyer of Light The Fire will be undoubtedly treated to the band's explosive and at times highly technical musical display”

“I urge all metalcore, groovecore, and nu metal fans to go listen to this album!”

“. I dig the whole vibe of these guys in each song they fill it with atmosphere, groove, brutality, melody & pure aggression. These guys could be one of the leaders of the new wave of Metal music as we know it. Check 'em out!!! ”

“EkoTren has worked hard to get where it is musically as well as career wise, and things can only get better from here. 'Light the Fire' is a strong debut and worth a listen.”

“Light the Fire is a great album from start to finish that seems to foreshadow a brilliant future for EkoTren. Kudos guys!”