EKM / Press

“This latest collaboration between electronic conceptualist Edward Matthews and son Kevin constitutes a streamlining of EKM’s sometimes unsettling but always intriguing amalgam of glacial pastorality and moments of vague unease. There’s a more sophisticated feel to the proceedings here, both in the way sound is being manipulated and presented and the fact that these compositions are so much more than just groupings of loops, beats and synth/software presets. A pertinent example is ‘The Man Who Loved Flowers (Main Theme),’ a beautifully hazy harkening back to classic Bill Laswell or Traffic in their John Barleycorn Must Die era. Within the sound resides much emotion, and it’s that all too human aspect of things that raises A Measured Response above the merely futuristic or artistically clever. – Rod Nicholson Performance: A/Production: B+ ”

“Fans of London-based electronic explorer Ed Matthews and his adventures in the sonic kingdom via his Noise Level vehicle will have noticed a shift in its recorded output toward finding the beat and in the process some of the darker ambient-dub aspects of the sound have been played down. EKM, Matthews' new side-project with son Kevin, takes up that thread and their first release Angels are Bestial is a fascinating listen from start to finish. Influences from Eno to Berlin-era Bowie instrumentals to Coil in all its intimidating glory show themselves, but only as starting points for further exploration. A fine balance is struck between darkly harrowing textures and the more pastorally ambient possibilities and in so doing EKM avoid the melodramatic or the mechanical. Performance:A/Production: A”