Ekayani & The Healing Band / Press

“Dear ekayani - I remember your FANTABOREENIE singing-swaying-preaching-Old Vic London England Shakespearean -Killer acting-NARRATION (but FOR REAL like Stanislvski wanted) and still can see it in my mind and hear it in my memory bank CD player of the skull... but NOW.....THE REST OF THE WORLD CAN TOO!! Loves and chuckles And thanks for your great contribution to Jack's legacy as well as the evening David (Your senior-bopper fan toujours)”

“I have listened to only one CD more in my lifetime... and I listen to a lot of music”

Ford Lininger - Ford Lininger

“A musical tour with no need for arrival, the journey itself being the true motivator.”

Jay Cavanaugh - Paper Taxi

“How to describe her voice? Sensual, definitely. Sexy, probably. Looking down I noticed I had written a brand new word combin ing the two, ‘sensy.’ ”

Mark Fogarty - BoomerBox

“A musical texture with a dreamlike dimension that approaches retro ‘70s ‘mellow’ and contemporary urban. We enjoyed the jour- ney. Your stage presence is magnificent and your hands are extremely elegant and theatrical.”

Mike Singletarry - CBS Radio

“A musical enchantress who merges far-off cultures and intriguingly juxtaposes musical styles. This exotically seasoned mix– with hints of French, Sanskrit, Brazil and West Africa– claims an eclectic lineage that embraces so many things... from jazz and rock to world soul. ”

Beck Lee - MediaBlitz