Eitch / Press

“Playfully mysterious "altronipop" artist Eitch takes you on a sonic journey whose unique vision is trippy, techie and often compelling. The eclectic "I Leave It Up To You" signifies the artist's non-commercial, synth-effects approach to pop music, all topped off with an appealing voice full of Lily Allen sexiness.”

Music Connection Magazine

“I always admire artists that aren’t afraid to step “outside of the box”, and Eitch is definitely one of those people.”

“‎Deep swirling synth runs through every track, flowing effortlessly alongside Eitch’s satin vocals— a fusion of human and machine that breathes a life all its own.”

“‎Eitch has created something original, at times defiant.”

“Emotionally open, reaching, striving and expanding, Eitch takes risks that lesser artists avoid; her self-produced freshman album is something totally original.”

Alan Johnson - music attorney, artist manager and A&R consultant

“Like a triangle within a sphere of circles, Eitch is far from conventional, pushing the envelope of what can be done within the duration of a musical piece...it really is a journey.”

Jackson Tynan Whalan from Technicolor Lenses - Poetics of Song curriculum review at The New School