eilish ellen / Press

“I still can't get over your voice. People have described some of my work as 'hauntingly beautiful', BUT I would have to say that about your voice. Very talented person! Hi-five for Aussie talent :)”

frozen in animation - reverbnation

“ You!... are absolutely incredible! beautiful voice and you shine like the stars! love your style! great songs!........Pearl ”

Pearl Black - reverbnation

“ I am very impressed by your talent. A future star in the making. Your influences are top notch. ”

Yellowalbum - reverbnation

“ Absolutely adorable. Every once in awhile, I get lucky enough to find an artist who is completely led by the light of her essence. Don't ever change that about what you are doing!”

Joe Birch - reverbnation

“ Voice, talent, beauty... you have it all and I see a huge star in your future. Beautiful work. ”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“The vocal gymnastics on 'Frankie' demonstrate that this young lady is going to become a force to be reckoned with. ”

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“YOU’D BE HARD-PRESSED TO FIND ANY 14-YEAR-OLD AS TALENTED AS QUEENSLAND’S EILISH ELLEN. S-PRESS SAT DOWN WITH THE GIFTED MUSO FOR A CHAT, AND SOON FOUND OUT just HOW QUICKLY HER STAR IS RISING. The 14-year-old Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School Year 9 student, describes her soothing sound as a mix between Julia Stone and Regina Spektor and says her interest in music was nurtured from an early age. “I’ve only recently started recording my own music, and it happened in a hurry as I had to rush to have an EP ready to sell at the Queensland Music Festival. “The debut EP is made up of three songs — Here I Am,Frankie and Dandelion.” While her voice is quickly becoming recognisable in her home state, Ellen may soon find she has a growing number of Western Australian fans after Here I Am was selected by the WA tourism association for their Margaret River tourism campaign. Expect to hear a lot more from the talented singer/ songwriter that is Eilish Ellen.”