Eight Armed Killer / Press

“I've never heard a volume of songs sound so powerful with the artist looking like he's not even trying. You can tell that A.J. and anyone who accompanies him live is no stranger to the stage. Simply amazing!”

The Captain - The Oral

“Seeing Eight Armed Killer live is an experience. It's a rare experience, because as soon as he takes the stage, you're immediately engaged and you don't want to stop watching or listening.”

Thomas Reihm - Ohio Review-Tribune

“Watching EAK is occasionally like watching a really good car wreck... except it's a good car wreck! Don't get me wrong... the guy knows what he's doing, and when he's on stage, all he cares about is the audience and entertaining them.”

Julie Stewart - Junebug Magazine

"Not since the early 90's have I heard even glints of better songwriting than from what I've heard out of A.J. I love his new project and I think he's got a bright future ahead of him."

Sherri Jackson - Ephemeral

"There's something about listening to a four-star track knowing one of your best friends wrote it; a combination of awe for his talents and jealousy in knowing you couldn't re-create something as magical if you were given 10,000 years. That's 'The News.'"

Michael Westendorf - The Tridge