Eight 02 / Press

"The new band (Eight 02) is thoroughly awesome. Everyone in the band is playing his ass off! Keep cooking with this band-it has strains of the Yellow Jackets in it but certainly possesses its own identity and I wish you every success with it. Let me know when the band comes to town..."

John Repucci (Bass Department Assistant Chair Berklee College Of Music) - Berklee College of Music

“Beyond category, beautiful; tremendously accessible and exciting.”

Lou D'Antonio - Jazz Spectrum 104.7, WNCS The Point

“One of the up and coming jazz groups in the contemporary jazz world.”

Tonia King - Jazz Variations 95.3, The River

"...an immensely talented group with enough improvisational fortitude to justify their post-bop leanings...jaw dropping..."

Dan Bolles - Seven Days