Eidetic Seeing / Press

““Eidetic Seeing opens with a wonderful warm-up…especially dedicated to Sean Forlenza’s soaring and echoing space guitar. The extended track seems completely improvised, they constantly alternate between groovy rocking parts in the vein of Earthless or Hawkwind and cosmic excursions. I’m sure this EP will not stay as a one-shot happenstance – 3.5 stars””

““Brooklyn’s Eidetic Seeing say “Deep, Heavy… Space.” You bet…sure to conjure up your own mental images, in vivid color…A stoned and saturated calling card, Eidetic Seeing delivers on the promise of their name.””

““Oh Yeah! This one is a blast! These Brooklyn based guys know how to create amazing fuzzy psych-out jams…Their debut EP sucks you into a psych cyclone and it doesn’t let you go until it’s over. I’ll use it as hors d’oeuvre until their full album comes out…Highly recommended.””

““Eidetic Seeing is a record that draws you near with its opening spacey drone and sucks you into a vortex, blowing some serious mind chunks in the process…Eidetic Seeing don’t fuck around; the record was recorded live in one take, so there is no studio trickery involved…Strap in, psych out, and leave no mind behind!””