EH / Press

“This is an over the top fantastic track. Heavy, yet you really get your point through.. Perfect mixing along with killer songwriting. This is one of those instrumentals that really pulls you in. Its not about the chops, which you guys have….its about a really awesome, slam the MP3 into your car and drive like a mofo kinda track. All I can say is smoking.”

Joe NYC Guitarist

“(Clip from press release) Redefining notions of traditional music and band structure is the latest monster of rock, EH. While the rest of the world is preoccupied with recycled pop tunes and monotonous rock and roll reincarnations, this Baltimore behemoth is hoisting the weight of the world on his shoulders while creating some of the most inspired rock pieces in recent memory. Responsible for all of the music, production, and arrangements, EH is taking his solo project to the next level with his debut record, Rock It. ”