EG Kight / Press

““...a unique voice in contemporary music. Her heartfelt, gospel and country-tinged blues blend American traditions into a toe-tapping good time. Her latest album, A NEW DAY, demonstrates what her dedicated following has known since the late 90s – that she is a special talent.””


““The material is as strong as her brilliant, yet comfy, vocals. She reaches and maintains a degree of subtle polish that places her in the ranks of the blues’ greatest ladies.””

Parcbench Culture Editor, NY

““I welcome her kinder, gentler approach to the genre.””

KUNC, NPR station

"...a revelation as both a blues singer and composer… Her latest CD shows exactly why she is held in such high esteem…”

Blues in Britain

““A testimony to the healing power of music. A NEW DAY is sure to lift the listener’s spirits.””

Living Blues

"LIP SERVICE [the album] might revive the American blues scene with every bit the staying power of Bonnie Raitt's Nick Of Time. EG Kight is the type of artist to believe in when music with soul seems impossible to find.

Cashbox Magazine

“Today the synergy between country music and blues is encompassed in the compositions and recordings of EG Kight. ...blues created by a master at her craft.”

Rudy Garcia - USA Today Mexican Caribbean Edition

“Kight's is a voice to be reckoned with, no matter the genre. ”

Sing Out! Magazine

“It’s been Kight’s ability to inject Southern belle charm into an otherwise raging blues banter that is her unique strength... [LIP SERVICE is] a smartly produced album by a woman who easily navigates between musical genres with her unique view of the world.”

Blues Revue

“Like a tall, cool gin and tonic on a hot afternoon, EG Kight’s LIP SERVICE is country and blues mixed just right... this is meat-and-potatoes music, equally good for rocking in your car, your living room or the roadhouse.”

David Hayward - Boston Blues Society

“EG Kight is an artist that makes music that will endure. Her style has a musical niche and says things that matter. …she has a laid-back feel while she mixes up a musical stew that some have labeled, "Country-Flavored Southern-Fried Blues"...EG has the Baby Boomer generation involved within her music, increasing her popularity...”


“…she can really sell a line with her mellifluous yearning pleas. Her gospel, country, and blues roots coalesce in a heartfelt delivery where simple lyrics come across as profoundly etched in stone homilies delivered in warm milk.”


“…it is her singular voice and musicality that make the album such a success…. utterly unique and compelling… It is Kight’s magisterial vocals and honed instincts that act as the catalyst that unifies all of the elements into a soulful and deeply satisfying listen.”

Macon Magazine

“Kight demonstrates consistently that she’s got this whole music thing down pat. Straightforward songwriting and irresistible grooves…”

Urban Country News

“…her voice is in great form, and the songs here are as good as any she has written… in the typical EG Kight blues/gospel/country flavor… Her voice and songwriting and tasteful music continues to shine.”

Bruce - Sunday Night Blues Project

“Contemporary blues is proving to be a whole different wild ride and this set leaves no doubt Kight has hung in there for her 8 seconds. Well done.”

Midwest Record

“Kight does not ignore her vocal strengths… A fine release from a fine artist… an awesome display of versatilty. [LIP SERVICE]”

Chefjimi Patricola - Blues411

“... a Tony Joe White kind of golden radio cut swinging with mellifluous ease and reined-in intensity, smooth but serious. ”

Mark S. Tucker - Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“Whenever a blues artist comes along with something fresh and personal to say, it’s cause for celebration. Let us now celebrate EG Kight...”

Taylor Guitars Magazine

“The album [IT'S HOT IN HERE] showcases Kight's astonishing textured voice and cagey songwriting.”

The Sun Gazette

“EG Kight has hit a home-run with this excellent album. [IT'S HOT IN HERE]”

The Planet Weekly

“It's Hot in Here," features her blazing guitar work and fiery, resonant voice.”


“Kight’s beautiful, smoky contralto sounds like Phoebe Snow with a sprinkling of Etta James, with every nuance clean and distinctive... Kight will be an unstoppable force. ”

Blues Revue Magazine

“...her high energy contralto vocals are right on the mark...”

Living Blues Magazine

“Kight's combination of capable songwriting and guitar playing - with her warm, drawling, brassy vibrato further sets her apart from her female blues peers.”

Georgia Music Magazine

“Her expression of the genre is so energetic, sincere, heartfelt …a blend of southern country, gospel, rock & roll and jazz in her music ...the stuff that makes the blues the blues. The feelings of life are experienced and life’s dance is celebrated. ”

Chattanooga Blues

“With her Southern charm and voice smooth as fresh churned butter, she has been gaining fans from the "Peach State" to the "Great White North," and even across the pond.”


“On her latest release IT'S HOT IN HERE, Kight demonstrates her extraordinary talents, delivering every single cut with passion, fury, and taste.”

Living Blues Magazine

“...a combination of sensual restraint, deadly accurate pitch, and a perfectly placed and emotive accentuation.”

Edmonton Journal

“...she's a tough, guitar- playing blueswoman who sings in a rich, sexy drawl.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“Like a Cass Elliot of our time...an unstoppable force.”

Blues Revue Magazine

“Kight is no mere mood ring with a microphone; she's one of love's decorated warriors with insight into the battle.”

Bluesrag Magazine