Egg Yolk Jubilee / Press

"The seven original compositions delve into heavy New Orleans funk with a healthy dose of Frank Zappa." "These cats have been doing it their own way for almost 17 years now, and they sure seem like they’re having fun along the way."

"It can’t be easy getting a coherent CD out of a band that simply won’t calm down. And to their credit, nobody tries to rein in Egg Yolk Jubilee on this disc, which captures the band in full anarchic glory."

Brett Milano - Offbeat Magazine

"a sonic manifestation of everything that's good about New Orleans: dirty, lowdown, keeping the beat, always joking, with one foot stuck in yesterday and the other running towards next Mardi Gras."

Bunny Matthews - Bunny Matthews Art

"If you were to assemble the quintessential contemporary New Orleans band via blender, the result might sound something like Egg Yolk Jubilee."