Efren / Press

“Efren’s Rise On Up and Melt is drenched in mystical Southern imagery”

Nadia Lelutiu - Creative Loafing Atlanta

““Freak folk? Imagine a down South Pink Floyd. Sure, Efren incorporates bits of bluegrass as on “Frogbird” and country, but they embody Southern psychedelia. They jazz things up here and there, toss in rock and blues as well. Yet Efren’s overall laid-back vibe reverberates through it all. You want different? Now presenting, Efren.””


“Rise On Up And Melt is modern psychedelic Americana at its very best.”

Magnet Magazine

"...shimmering, invigorating folk with psych overtones. Well worth a few minutes of your time."

"...lush harmonies that make them memorable and showcases a swagger where the band doesn't try hard to be good but still comes off as calm, cool and collected."

"Always Been A Bleeder is a late summer treat on a stick that suggests these boys might be ready to go toe-to-toe with simpatico artists like Iron & Wine or Matt Bauer."

"These part folk, part psychedelic jazz, pinch of bluesy rock, dash of country twang songs are the songs that fill the night sky around a bonfire in Autumn. They are the songs you hum as you clear away empty whiskey bottles and cigarette butts from the low-key gathering of friends you hosted on your porch last night. They are the songs that play when you remember that perfect first date that eventually lead to the worst breakup of your life, fond and fragile."

“Don’t mistake the quietness of the band's sound for softness. This is gritty stuff, for sure...”

“A mix of soft, half-spoken stories and a bit of guitar, Efren doesn't immediately grab you. But when it does, you've got a whole new world of stories to explore.”

“The tunes themselves are decidedly lo-fi, using just one digital mic. That doesn't mean there isn't a great deal of depth here, though…”

“the Athens based folksy freespirit “efren” is on the verge of completing his debut LP. Calm, brooding, and melancholic, yet uplifting and romantic efren invigorates thoughts of tallboys and southern nights mixed with the droning chorus of crickets and tree frogs under a starlight sky.”