Edwin Wendler / Press

“THE RIGHT TO LOVE: I believe that I am better for having taken this journey and highly recommend this score for inclusion in your collection.”

“A composer of uncommon talent, ingenuity and knowledge. His versatility and good nature made the process of working with him a delightful journey indeed.”

Temi Lopez - director, "Home - The Horror Story"

“THE INTERIOR is about as intense a reflective psychological tone poem as I’ve heard in recent years […] the composer bears down with some truly thought-provoking and striking musical structures that develop progressively across the score.”

“AZUREUS RISING: Propulsive, exciting music […] Wendler achieves a huge sound.”

Jeff Hall - ScreenSounds

“WRONG HOLLYWOOD NUMBER: This bright and very varied little score then is a pure delight.”

“His exceptional understanding of, and love for, film music composition helped separate my project from many that tried to be like it.”

JoséAntonio W. Danner - director, "Wrong Hollywood Number"

“CHESHIRE ADVENTURES: Rich with melody, a variety of moods and styles, and genuine emotion […] these scores are something special and rare […] a thoroughly enjoyable listen.”

“AZUREUS RISING: Film music fans should […] take note.”

Mark R. Hasan - mondo mark

“THE INTERIOR: Brilliant score [...] beautiful keyboard signatures [...] Wendler keeps things low-key and creepy, allowing our imagination to fill in the blanks [...].”

“CHESHIRE ADVENTURES: Awesome [...] soaring [...] cool as hell [...] I welcome you to music with a heart and soul.”

“AZUREUS RISING: Wendler delivered an exciting, action-packed score of epic proportions, perfectly accompanying the stunning visuals.”

Randall D. Larson - Randall Larson’s Soundtrax

“CHESHIRE ADVENTURES: In his melodic writing and powerfully-flavored orchestration, Wendler gives all three scores a superlative tone of teamwork and triumph amidst adversity […] very captivating and expressive.”

“Melodic invention and polished professionalism.”

“THE INTERIOR: There’s no doubt about it, you have a really good score here to go with [...] your darkest dreams and moods. Highly recommended.”

“I have listened to thousands of hours of film music, and I think that Edwin Wendler has a profound and genuinely rare talent as a music composer.”

Simon Duff - Music From The Movies

“AZUREUS RISING: Stunning […] excellent.”

“HOME - THE HORROR STORY: Wendler peppers his score with interesting bouncy sounds, sometimes casting them in lighter shades and other times moving them into far darker territories [...] Wendler’s thematic ideas are strong [...] well conceived.”

Steven A. Kennedy - Film Score Monthly

“Unparalleled musical inventiveness.”

Sieglinde Pfabigan - Der Neue Merker

“Composer Edwin Wendler delivers an exhilarating, lyrically orchestrated adventure setting.”

Mikael Carlsson - MovieScore

“A talented and capable composer who has taken his craft to a very high level.”

Steven Bramson - Emmy-Award-winning composer

“A truly gifted composer as well as a thoughtful, responsible, and hard-working person.”

Gerald Fried - Emmy-Award-winning and Oscar-nominated film composer

“My musicians immediately responded to the quality of Edwin’s music combined with his professional approach and pleasant working manner, and delivered him a score of which he can justifiably be very proud.”

Andy Brown - managing director, London Metropolitan Orchestra

“Edwin Wendler is one a handful of composers in Hollywood today who is truly committed to furthering the art and quality of film music.”

Mark Northam - Film Music Network

“ESCAPE: Both in concept and in performance the score attains an effective and pleasing sound quality, and its journey through the Thai landscape and imprisonment is enthusiastically captured by Wendler in this very fine score.”

“ESCAPE: Wendler’s subtle writing and tenderly anguished use of melody makes Escape into a thoroughly engaging ordeal, powerfully charting a hero’s rise from his own inner grief at losing a child, along with the more palpable goal of getting away from his captors.”

“Edwin displays not only the capabilities of a fine composer, but the rarer attributes of a special collaborator who effortlessly interfaces with the talented people around him.”

Dennis S. Sands - Oscar-nominated recording engineer and scoring mixer

“ESCAPE: [...] this is a score that does hit all the high marks and really unleashes a beautiful theme for its locale. [...] Recommended.”

“AZUREUS RISING: Epic score by Edwin Wendler. Geek Score: 10”

“THE RIGHT TO LOVE: If you like your music to be thought-provoking and introspective then this is a wonderful score.”

“ESCAPE: In 'Escape', Wendler delivers one of his finest efforts to date.”

“THE RIGHT TO LOVE: Wendler finds the perfect balance for the music. […] Edwin Wendler's score does a fantastic job of supporting the emotions of the story.”

“THE RIGHT TO LOVE: Well, I am totally in love with the cello that is being used, particularly in ‘Voting On Rights’ and ‘The Playbook’. It is crazy good and haunting to just sit and listen to it. But of course even if it sounds good, it can’t be great without an excellent cue and it has that in Edwin Wendler’s writing.”

“THE RIGHT TO LOVE: It’s a beautiful yet melancholy work invested with much heart, and makes for a very pleasant listening experience.”

“CHESHIRE ADVENTURES: Rousing and exciting.”

“HOME - THE HORROR STORY: The overall carnival atmosphere of the larger score is a real winner […] much fun indeed.”

“ESCAPE: 'Escape' is a worldly but cohesive score, ripe for recycling by any major studio who want to make their latest action-adventure seem more adventurous.”