Ed Stallman / Press

“What a natural, easy, melodic sense of style ~ me thinks this cat did all his homework If you're ever lost in NY, ask him, I'm sure he can tell you exactly the way you get to .. . . . CARNEGIE HALL !!!!”

The Altruistic Messiah - OurStage.com

“San Diego, Calif., guitarist and keyboardist Ed Stallman deftly blends the music of divergent cultures. His combination of Texas blues and soul, along with a splash of Latin jazz, is soothing, deep, and electric. It's meant for hot summer nights near crystal blue waters.”

From the editor - CNET.com

“Jammin' Instrumentals! This is easy listening with a slight edge. Just right for a laid back evening. For the guitarists out there, this man knows how to play it! Awesome command performances as a musician! Most of us guitarists wish we were this smooth. If you like music for the sake of music to listen to, then you'll enjoy Ed Stallman.”

Big Thunder

“Ed Stallman creates some of the best guitar oriented instrumantal albums I have ever heard. The emotional expression of his guitar playing is spectacular. Definitely something special. Ed really shows his versatility as an accomplished musician.”

Dave Bennett - Guitarist

“Ed Stallman's playing is just incredible. He is a true world-class player who delivers amazingly intricate, tasteful, grooves in each and every one of his instrumentals. When we think of guitar solos, we tend to think of cryptic riffs that are great to hear but hard to remember. Stallman is different. I can actually recall the melodies and I can sing along with his guitar riffs in the car! Stallman's mastery of blues/jazzy and funky guitar is second to nobody. Add to this some fabulous studio production - and you have it all. His album is a great example of a great guitar player, with rhythm to burn and an imagination to match.”

Behind the Slide

“Write on! You are a soulful lad. Your music speaks volumes of a deep connection to a truth that many can't even begin to fathom. That truth is the stillpoint of the quiet mind that your music embodies. This place you write from is the origin of our only hope for survival as a struggling animal on this physical continuum. Write on! ”


“He's a one man band ! I've seen Ed perform around town for several years now and I want to tell you his music is Fabulous! He's an amazing one man band! I am most impressed by his flair for the Blues, and am glad to feature his music on Jazz 88 radio!”

Cynthia Hammond (DJ) live on air - Jazz 88 Radio

“Ed Stallman has been a class act since I met him on Ourstage.com in 2008. Amazing guitar riffs and an exceptional skill for mixing and mastering. To think one man does all this alone is unbelievable. I wager him to be on Billboard real soon.”