edoheart / Press

“☆そもそも、 EdoheartというArtistの活動範囲を限定すること自体が誤りです。 詩人、画家、舞踏家、音楽家、、、 どの側面から切っても、 Edoheartであるようです。 ご関心のある方は、 YouTubeで、 彼女のperformance映像をご確認下さい。 ある意味、 Sun Ra並みに「ぶっ飛んで」います。(◎-◎;)”

“This crazy track is only the tip of the iceberg… please run to Edoheart’s myspace page and soak in the pungent creativity! Poetry, music, choreography… the Benin empire of modern-day Nigeria is very much alive.”

“This track is really NUTZ but original and I LOVE it!!!! The first part sounds like a funked up female Fela Kuti complete with Rooster crows and then the second half descends into a kind of acoustic gospel blues! I mean look at the title “Sosomoneycockplease”. I think this is an artist to keep your eye on, as this video and track indicates that we can expect some very interesting stuff to come from this artist.”

“Flexible body and a strong gesture... a professional who was worth the attention... bright background music, her gestures and expressions of joy, full of light... Suddenly, the sound of thunder and the rain continues, meditative folk music of the drums changed to Africa, she also moves...”

“Arhebamen’s performances are very powerful ritual, which goes far beyond the modern feminine materiality bimboculture and represents more… creative power.”