E. Doctor Smith / Press

"Caught a great gig by E. Doctor Smith at Hotel Utah in SF last night... The master of the Zendrum performed music from his new CD Quantum, along with guitarist Jack Wright and bassist Tom Shiben. Excellent stuff crisscrossing prog, avant, funk and fusion territory..."

Anil Prasad - Innerviews

"Not only is he a great drummer, but E. Doctor Smith is also a bit of an inventor. However, when he saw the Zendrum, he gave up on his own invention and showed his genius on the new instrument."

“E. Doctor Smith Live with Edo Castro is really 8 songs of nice Jazz improv that reminds the listener of Trance or even some types of House/Club music. It is highly hypnotic and at times could lure you into a state unconsciousness with their soothing smooth Jazz stylings. Funky and innovative, E. Doctor Smith with his Drummstick and counterpart 7 stringed Bass machine, Edo Castro, have turned out a nice easy listening CD here.”