Ed Ghost Tucker / Press

"EGT is the kind of act that immediately pulls you in — with a genre-bending approach to music that is mostly folky-surf tunes with a hint of jazz appeal. Smart and alluring, their music is the perfect backdrop to nearly any venue. When performing live, Ed Ghost Tucker knows how to control their volume and dynamic, adding perspective to music that is already beaming with depth. If you enjoy beachy vibes and the jazzy version of Vampire Weekend, Ed Ghost Tucker will not disappoint you.”

“Ed Ghost Tucker is a five-piece indie folk/pop band from San Diego. Think Of Monsters and Men and Mumford & Sons. They have been gaining recognition around their area after being selected as the April winners of the SoundDiego Blog’s ‘Garage 2 Glory’ contest.”

“In less than a year the band has amassed a loyal following, played wide-ranging venues, and most recently embarked on a brief tour of California. Demonstrating the dedication and heart needed to sustain the exhaustive hours required of an up-and-coming band, these young musicians are ready to keep their momentum going.”

“With its homespun melodies, boy-girl vocal harmonies and lush arrangements, this five-song demo is as welcoming as a well-worn La-Z-Boy. If only more bands were as versatile and surprising as Ed Ghost Tucker.”

“It’s like your favorite indie rock band had a folky baby with Explosions in the Sky. They are just starting out, but give them a listen; I truly enjoyed seeing them for the first time. Not only was it refreshing to listen to some new, interesting music, it was nice to remember that there are venues and bands and nights like that out there.”

“Seriously, 'Anyone' is about as good as indie folk pop songs get, with a winning combo of wistfully rustic male vocals and ooh, the girl in this band.”

“Ed combines a spacey post-rock ambiance with a bluegrass vibe to create a sound all their own”