Edgehill Avenue / Press

“This is mature, timeless rock music for grownups....”

“70's rock like the Allmans...Edgehill Avenue's third studio album has all the proper parts...Reckoning Day is a slow burn that will draw lighters (or lighter apps, natch) and that weird, collective sway an audience does during songs like this. Manifesto plays like an encore, all flash and octane.”

“...painstakingly crafted slices of highly accessible pop-rock with subtle hints of Americana, alt-country and blues...a sonically beautiful listen, a great disc to blast while driving around with the windows down on a warm summer day.”

“riveting roots rock...“With These Hands” is reminiscent of R.E.M.’s “Driver 8”...'Rambler’ is nothing less than a seamless & compelling mix of well-crafted & equally well-played (think Petty’s Heartbreakers or the E Street Band ensembles as models) Americana-inspired classic rock.”

“a cool cocktail of Americana...”

“Swirling in Hammond organ and countrified blues rock, Edgehill Avenue instantly draw you in to their down-home, soulful, folksy, Americana southern-rock...will satisfy more than a handful of Black Crowes fans...a very retro feel and wouldn't be out of place on an Allman Brothers album.”

“...an excellent release utilising their excellent musicianship to convey the energy and imagery that only solid songwriting can produce.”

"This a perfect summer party record. Best served with friends & drinks. For music lovers Edgehill Avenue brings you blues,country and rock 'n' roll with damn fine class."

“Dense with bold Southern rock-style anthems, Allman Brothers-like swirling jams, and jangly countrified folk-rock-Rambler is powerful, memorable music...inhabits a unique spot at the crossroads where heady jams meet down-home roots rock...this is a band I would love to see and hear perform. ”

“The spirit of Springsteen’s epic song “The River” is conjured repeatedly...and Edgehill Avenue pulls it off splendidly. “With These Hands” is as catchy as a Tom Petty hit...the voice of Drew Perkins reminds one of a less affected Steve Earle.”

“On Rambler, you get a piping-hot stew of southern rock, blues, folk, and country, served up in generous portions, that kicks you in the pants one song, then buys you a drink on the next...throughout the work, we get crisp, dead-on-target musicianship from the entire lineup.”