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“Edgar Allan Poets. The name itself automatically puts us on an dark universe, trying to call the gothic part to take a stand. Icarus, the theme in review, it has quite a good intention. This band seems to be in touch with their will in music, to be a consistent band with a a catchy side intended. The strong orchestration also helps in making it bigger and epic. It's a good visit card but the repetition in the melody can trap itself in a consecutive idea. That is not always good, but well, if it's only one theme like this, I can deal with that. Well produced, but I still need to hear more to make a more accurate review. ”

chemicalwire - Icarus cvan Fly

“I like your track a lot, it has a lot of elements/layers. Some synth-melodies don't really seem to fit though, mostly in the bridge. Other than that I think this track should be on the radio, I'm certain that the dutch market will love it! This track makes me curious to your other stuff, oh and I like your name as well :)) ”

mausoleum - Cryptic Code

“Of course Icarus to son who with his father was attempting to escape inprisonment in Crete was warned not to fly to close to the sun or the sea. Taken with the pleasure of flying he soared too high until his wings melted and he fell into the sea. Your song has a remarkable message related to that mythe. The vocals clear and the story compelt. The guitar work excellent. Well recorded. Classic rock feeling. I loved the song. Good transitions all through the song. Good Message!!!! "I am a man no longer a song."Craig”

by craigleonard - Icarus

“I think the sound it's great, the changes, how you play with the climate of the song, and the voices are worked perfectly. I think the chorus should have more hook, be a little bit more "catchy" to be at the level of the verses and the bridge. Great guitars, great verses, arrgs, very good song! keep up the great work”

plasticfever - Cryptic Code

“EDGAR ALLAN POETS - CRYPTIC CODE (4 track CD) Rhys Fulber EDGAR ALLAN POETS is a two piece Alternative Rock band out of Italy. These guys are not the typical sounding Alternative band though. They have added in some different elements to help them stand out form the rest of the bands playing this style. There are influences of Gothic, Classic Rock & Grunge all present in their sound too. The music has a bit of a dark vibe to it that reminds me of some of the early 80's Dark Wave bands mixed with Modern Rock. The piano playing also adds a lot of flavor to their sound. The vocals are done in a crossover style of Goth, Rock & Alternative as well. Don't pass this band over, cause they are not the typical band of this style. Check them out ”

Beowolfproduction - Beowolfproduction

“Edgar Allan Poets are great! Their debut album, "Old Back Clown" is a gorgeous collection of brooding, menacing and emotionally relentless rock 'n' roll songs. The album opens with the title track "Old Black Clown" and the journey begins with this exotic and sensual track, reminiscing of a song Bryan Ferry never got around to writing. "Old Black Clown" continues with favorable and familiar riffs, harmonies and themes, however the trio quickly establish themselves as an unusual, charming and sincere musical unit. " First and foremost, they know how to write modern pop rock. There is no fluff or fat on this album. Each song engages the listener either with a lush string ensemble intro, a scorching indie rock hook, or a bloodletting vocal with to-the-point lyrics. This band has a knack for being very sophisticated and clever and having a bit of fun with a melody. This is most evident when the band sings the chorus in "Those Who Care". E ”

S.D. Peert! - Skope Magazine Boston

“first on numberonemusic alternative chart”