Eddy Green / Press

"Eddy Green isn't a Manhattan native, but the work he has done in the last four years to enhance and promote the local music scene cannot be ignored"

“From a musical perspective, Mr. Green is a bit easier to understand. He only plays good music. It may lean more toward blues or country, depending on his mood and the mood of the crowd. A bit of rock or folk might creep at any moment, as well. He may be playing a ’30s era standard, a modern Americana masterpiece, or one of his original tunes. But one thing is guaranteed, whatever comes out of his guitar will make you want to tap your foot and empty your glass.”

““Pull of the Devil” is my personal favorite song from the album. Though the lyrics evoke quite the opposite image… “So when you see me don’t you ask, lord how I am, cause you don’t want to know, that’s the nature of this town. Shake your head and go on, maybe even pray, then prop yourself up in your Christ-like ways.” …the song makes me long for a front porch on a cool Sunday morning, breakfast fresh from the skillet and communion of the sort they used to share before religion went commercial. “Prayers And Memories” and “Today” would fit right in with that sermon.”

"Hailing from the mountains of Kentucky, Eddy Green has more gigs under his belt than some of the other bands have days in existence. With a brilliant combination of blues, country & Americana, Eddy is a quintessential example of music in it’s purest form. If you like your picking mixed with top notch storytelling and witty banter, you can’t do better than this hillbilly."