Eddie Brady / Press

“As the rich continue to get richer and the signs of the anti-Christ rise over the horizon, I ponder my responsibility. I have always prioritized my life to God's will and I would go to war only to defend his honor. My evolution has reached the stages of assertiveness in which you readers view my stance today. I will not be a yes-man! I will not be a sheep! I will not be like everyone else! With that being said, a structure and a god-leading democracy is the best law of man. The problem lies with the man. The same man who can't be faithful, the same man who covets everything his brother has. The same man who shows no genuine love. These habits empowered by the disgustful society we live in, make the new way of life. The music industry has become a showcase for subliminal messaging and the truly unique artists are embattled with the Illuminati. While the weak and insecure politicians only know how to purchase their every need, we battle each day trying to purchase our essential needs.”