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"An OR nurse who heard Brunicardi’s music on the website ReverbNation introduced him to her husband, Mark Dearnley, a sound engineer for the likes of Paul McCartney, AC/DC and Jewel." Learn more about Brunicardi and his music at his ReverbNation website."

"A Master of Music and Medicine" For most mere mortals the chances of becoming a surgeon are slim at best. The chances of landing a record deal are even more minute. The chances of doing both? Impossible. Unless you’re Chuck Brunicardi – country/folk singer and Chief of General surgery at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica."

" as a dedicated researcher, Dr. Brunicardi discovered a “master switch” for pancreatic cancer, an insulin-regulating transcription factor called PDX1 that, when silenced with RNA interference or knockdown therapy, eliminates pancreatic-cancer cells in mice. He has partnered with a biotechnology company, Gradalis, Inc., to produce a bifunctional short hairpin RNA that silences the transcription factor and is applying for permission to launch a Phase 1 clinical trial in humans." Pat's Note: CD % profit toward Chuck's pioneering cancer research. Thank you!

" Top 5 of this week are: 1 from USA with the song Bluest Blue – Ecologyngle 2 from USA with the song Love Can Be – Ecologyngle 3 from USA with the song Hearthbeat – Chuck Brunicardi 4 from USA with the song Magic – Gonzalo Arzamendi 5 from Germani with the song Train whispers – Andrea Schroeder "

" You Too Can Google" has nothing to do with on-line relationships. Vocalist, keyboardist, composer Patricia Brunicardi calls " the climate crisis may dwarf the banking crisis". Visit myspace.com/TerraNadir or watch the video on YouTube.