“Eclipse is a newcomer to the Bryan/College Station scene but is full of local metal veterans and make a powerful, very modern brand of hard rock and metal that sounds just right on modern rock radio.”

“MX Entertainment, Houston’s premier Band and Talent Management Company has brought College Station band, ECLIPSE, to the next level. On Monday April 1st, 2013, ECLIPSE had the opportunity to audition for Jeff Blue, of Atlantic Records. ECLIPSE earned the audition after making it to the top of national charts, breaking Number 1 on Reverbnation’s national metal chart. The audition was intense and pushed ECLIPSE to their very limits. The audition was a success and ECLIPSE is entertaining offers from a sister label that is more in tune to their metal genre. MX Entertainment and ECLIPSE are keeping details of that deal top secret. Like ECLIPSE’s Facebook page for up to date information on their Label Deal.”

“The bands high-energy stage presence and trying to follow all the action left this Ol’ man kinda dizzy, but seriously Thrashed. This made my third time seeing the band perform, Folks. I can see the improvements this unique band has made, and predict them returning to the recording studio before year’s end with even heavier riffs which I’ve heard myself”