Eclectic Mayhem / Press

“Eclectic Mayhem has the actual talent to make chaotic rock sound beautiful...runs the turbulent gambit of moody pensive tracks to raucous electronic experimental bridges within a minute’s time and pull it off...it's an incredibly rich debut.”

"Assurance that the genre made famous by Kurt Cobain is alive and well...wild, fuzzy distorted guitar solos that wind themselves around each song give the band the mayhem they desire."

"well-handled and managed playing...the band has a bigger sound behind them...distinguished by its rock core."

"Post-grunge melodic rock with definite nuances of power-pop and progressive rock...different from much of current alt-indie fare. Much of this comes from the variation in the songs, a demonstration of creativity in craftsmanship...simply a listening pleasure to the balance of instruments and the novel movements within, which range from quirky to smooth."

"Adroitly combining pure go-for-it aggressive hard rock punch with the intricate melodicism of pop, this Cleveland, Ohio quartet knock listeners flat on their keisters with their spot-on proficient playing and one-two-pow sonic dexterity."

"Lovely, punchy fare from Cleveland. Even the more contemplative pieces are cut like gems. Precision is the key, and it provides plenty of definition for these songs. Eclectic Mayhem winds its way through many sounds without losing grasp of its own identity. Quite engaging."

“Eclectic Mayhem make a cohesive effort on their self-titled album, but the disparate styles and genres broached here allow for each track to stand on its own. Make it a point to pick up a copy of this effort and see whenever the band stops around you; I feel that the visceral feeling of this title will be much more present in a live format.”

James McQuiston - NeuFutur Magazine

"...hints of '90s acts such as the Toadies and modern bands like the Foo Fighters and Muse...piano-heavy lead single, "Let You Down"... has garnered comparisons to Coldplay, Fun. and Cage the Elephant."

“Eclectic Mayhem certainly live up to their name with the myriad of styles, elements and genre blending at their disposal...the band is making their brand of honest music. It’s a good first outing that beckons the listener for what is certainly more to come. ”

"By the end of the album, you realize you don't really give a damn what it is. It's hard; it's edgy; it's catchy and melodic, harmonic and even bluesy at times. But most of all it's just good music."

“What I like most about the music is its sheer intensity; note for note and song for song. Like a heavy weight boxer the songs keep coming at you one after the other - with no sign of letting up. From heartfelt “Let You Down” to grooving “Bender” to melodic “For the Birds” to striking "Fun with Guns” to my personal favorite “On My Way” this CD pretty much has something for just about everyone.”

"Is Coldplay a grunge band now? Cause that's what Eclectic Mayhem's "Let You Down" sounds like to me - Coldplay or fun. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - I like Coldplay. And I like these guys, so they're the winners of this week's Fist of Praise."

"The band sports some unusual aspects...the DNA of '90s grunge is obvious throughout."

Anastasia Pantsios - Cleveland Scene Magazine

"Their no nonsense approach to songwriting adds serious grit to their progressive instrumentation. Look for these guys to be tearing up the Midwest and don't be shy to add them to the bill if they are in your area."