EclectiCeltic / Press

“EclectiCeltic performed to a very receptive crowd in Powell Park. This trio of classically trained musicians held the audience captive with the mastery of their instruments and vocals.”

“Music-in-the-park summer concert series is returning to Powell Park in Port Dover. The concerts, sponsored by the Port Dover Board of Trade, will be presented every Sunday evening from July 3 through Sept. 5, with the exception of Port Dover Summer Festival weekend. The line-up includes a variety of musical styles. From the traditional and Celtic sounds of EclectiCeltic and Don McGeoch, to exciting original artists The Dharlings, to the classic folk-rock of the Bay Buoys.”

“The marvelously clear and precise voice of Luanne McGill Ashe, of Waterford, provided the vocals, as well as frequent guitar accompaniments to the songs. I was interested in the bodhran, which was played by a talented and skilled artist, Gayle Bridger, a Port Dover resident, who has been with the group for three years. Gayle amazed me with her control of this instrument both dynamically and tonally and with her ability to make this instrument an integral part of the groups total musical package. On the harp, Kristin Vollick often played melody effectively or harmonized with Ashe's voice during the vocal verses. Her wonderfully sensitive accompaniments to Luanne's flute work on the instrumentals along with Gayle's drumming made this ensemble sound much richer and fuller than one might expect to hear. Tunes were often presented in three-four or six-eight time as in gigs but we heard, as well, reels and ballads such as in Danny Boy and the beautiful love song, Bogie's Bonnie Belle. ”

“Entertainment was provided by EclectiCeltic, a three-woman classical Celtic band based out of the Waterford Port Dover Area. The band features Kristin Vollick on Celtic harp, Gayle Bridger on Bodhran drum and Luanne Ashe, vocals and flute.”

“The EclectiCeltic Trio played during the morning service at Knox Presbyterian Church on Sunday December 5th, much to the pleasure of those in attendance.”

“When [Kristin] Vollick isn't busy playing solo harp, she studies old time fiddle, plays alto saxophone with the Haldimand Norfolk concert band and plays harp and whistle in a Celtic trio called EclectiCeltic. . . [Luanne] Ashe and Vollick have been playing together for about seven years. About two years ago, [Gayle] Bridger joined their ranks. "We have a lot of fun," says Vollick.”

“On Sunday, the hall will be hosting its first Sunday Musical gathering: Open Stage Concert. They are inviting budding bands, musicians, singers and songwriters to come and showcase their talents during this afternoon of great fun for the whole family ... The event is sponsored by EclectiCeltic.”

“[Port Dover's] Powell Park was filled with the fine sounds of Eclecti-Celtic, led by Waterford singer/guitarist/flautist, Luanne McGill Ashe. . . . "After a lovely instrumental rendition of Danny Boy on flute and harp the whole group ended the evening with Cock 'O The North, Westphalia, Farewell To Nova Scotia, and a couple of more tunes. On that cool evening we sure warmed up to this excellent group. "”