Echoes de Luxe / Press

“The music video for `The Ride` includes the insanely gorgeous Kelsey Gunn courtesy of the 5 second films series”

"...a savage regard for dangerous rock and roll melodies and hard hitting rhythms. Here all major rock influences are tweaked with purpose and drive; one minute you're long hair, leather and eye-liner, the next is laser-light fury and stoner's delight..."

"a self proclaimed “avant-rock” band in Los Angeles. What does avant-rock mean? I’m not sure myself but it probably means somewhere along the line of kickass and awesome"

"Queen meets Pearl Jam"

“This band is true rock and roll”

"There’s something so gritty about their sound, like warm keg beer, but still so tight and together, like a smart leisure suit topped off with a jaunty ascot."

"They're a local L.A. band who make roll to the beach, buy-the-groceries music sound sexy. I do neither of those things."