E. Broussard / Press

“E.Broussard has achieved Platinum and Gold Auddy Awards for their music. ”

“ATT: Bloggers, journalists, radio producers, DJs etc. The two impressive singles by Bay Area Own E. Broussard released on Interscope Digital Distribution (Big Game Dorppin) ft. Rappin 4-Tay and (Yo Town) ft. JT The Bigga Figga available on iTunes,Amazon,Rhapsody etc. E. Broussard is back with his new single called (WHAT IT DEW) Mastered by Universal Mastering Studio released on Universal/Motown (UniMo) Digital Distribution available on iTunes and all the above, get it now. The media is on the look out for what's hot this time of year and WHAT IT DEW is hot, and you have the heads-up. ”