Ebony Evans / Press

“If you believe in reincarnation, then Ebony Evans has returned home with the haunting, sweet style of Minnie Ripperton. Her lyrics and melody speak of a time when music had innocence and heartfelt soul, with gut-wrenching octaves only achieved by few modern singers like Whitney and Mariah. It’s the nostalgia of days when Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Peaches & Herb and Stephanie Mills were blessing radio waves.”

"Ebony Evans vocals, with their higher range reminiscent of singers such as Minnie Ripperton, and more modern performers such as Mariah Carey is well used, with none of the grandstanding displays of technique that do nothing for the songs"

"You Did It All" has been worth the wait, delivering a cool mix of soulful contemporary dance, steppers and stunning ballads"

"There's no denying Ms. Evans' range and talents , not many burgeoning performers would attempt to infuse so many different genres like gospel, funk and breezy pop and soul in the span of one CD"

"You...'s  uncluttered musical arrangements and straightforward, narrative lyrics allow the spotlight to shine squarely on Ebony's voice, which is irresistibly coquettish and sweet."

"Ebony makes few concessions to the vagaries of contemporary R&B preferring to mine a groove that harks back to the golden age of soul"

"This is a superb album. Somebody get me a glass of Covasier, a fireplace, and a leather chair. Enjoy!"-5 Stars

"Here's a rare treat: a contemporary cd by a young lady that actually contains songs of substance"-4 Stars

In The Basement U.K.

"Ebony Evans is something that's been missing from the industry for a long time."-4 1/2 Stars

"Ebony Evans ability to intertwine the music of yesterday's dance craze with modern R&B flavors will surely make this young lady a name to recognize for years to come."-4 Stars

"Ebony's voice has both the power of experience and the sound of innocence. She is an example of what R&B could have become." -5 Stars

"Ebony Evans’ voice is smooth, angelic and at times, sounds similar to the late Minnie Ripperton"-4 Stars