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“Tel Aviv’s Eatliz play a classic brand of atmospheric indie rock that has fueled great popularity in their Israeli homeland, as their debut LP Violently Delicate was a popular fave in 2008 on radio there. In theie new animated video for “Lose This Child” the brooding mood and simple imagery of animated turtles crawling across a deserted nighttime beach ideally suits the song’s essential melancholy.”

“Eatliz makes dreamy, atmospheric songs and imbuing them with complex and ornate arrangements and haunting vocals. And they have a Gorillaz-like alternate, altered universe of animated personae..And their new video, "Lose This Child," continues their tradition of creating spellbinding, envelope-pushing, effects-bending videos. Taken from their album Teasing Nature, "Lose This Child" recalls some of the quieter moments of Radiohead's OK Computer”

““Lose This Child” is some heady, spooky prog rock off their new album Teasing Nature. It has an ever-so-slight Eastern folk twang on the melodies and acoustics in the verses. The chorus is really just a chance for the lead songstress Lee Triffon to show off those heart-wrenching high notes.”

““Teasing Nature represents a giant step forward for the band, with their divergent influences coalescing into a convincing cohesive whole””

"Great rock music Is not associated with Israel necessarily, But with Eatliz It's changing. Eatliz is now on tour in Germany, combines progressive alternative rock with the gentle yet challenging voice of Lee Triffon and has created something quite interesting. You might want to download the two songs and Fire Spliff here and create your own image. This week the band is on tour in Germany and who lives in the area of the four villages, should look the for this band"

"Delicately Violent" is just the twist of Eatliz last album title "Violently Delicate ", so it has nothing to do with artistically embellished violence, but more to do with an original marketing idea. The Israeli rock sextet with the singer Lee Triffon, is experimented yet abundant, and creats fast pop song with interesting jazz-ish compositions.And then flashes something by Frank Zappa - or the pop wave of the 80s. What we should perhaps mention: Eatliz is Hebrew means "the slaughterhouse". As I said: The band plays with the cliches, but does not fall into them. Is a lot more interesting - and should also yield more success. Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung magazine [Germany]

“I was seduced by this album upon first listen. The voice of Miss Lee Triffon is really beautiful and confident.The musical style of this atypical group is rather hard to define, the Eatliz madness combine sweet, bitter and sophisticated unconventional performance, who offer us a complex and indefinable pop / rock.”

"a great musical cocktail of jazz, crossover, alternative, pop, metal and prog rock"

“The seven songs from this Six Israelis armed with frontwoman Lee Triffon show very well the breadth of their musical creativity. From progressive rock to fast rock numbers up to the power pop appeal because everything is represented.”

“ArtPopPunkAvantRock-Israelis Eatliz seem to have made a lot of fun... Based on the clever compositions by Guy Ben-Shetrit, and Lee Triffon's lascivious, aggressive, Lolita-like singing”

“Eatliz is a sensational surprise coup! Mix of weird sounds, wonderful melodies, powerful rock and the amazing voice of singer Lee Triffon, easily amused and bandaged me so skeptical of the pop-eyed world of rock music in a more relaxed and subtly woven in avant-garde influences”

“Triffon is probably the biggest wild card of this chapel. Times charming, sometimes childlike, sometimes bitchy, sometimes sexy, sometimes naive, sometimes fragile, sometimes cocky, sometimes cynical, sarcastic, or disturbing, like an angel or even the diva - this lady has a vocal range and charisma so much that it inspired falls into gasping.”

“Eatliz Skillfully balancing the musicians with tempos, loud and soft tones, and create with heavy guitars, airy keyboards, raging percussion and seductive vocals-bittersweat an enchanting atmosphere, in which it is worth the plunge”

“The mixture machts! No piece is like another, and so the EP appears with playing time of just 20 minutes that runs out too fast. Eatliz existed for 8 years and will surely win over the limits of native awareness”

“Pop Culture from Israel?" There's more than the faded Ofra Haza. Eatliz band for example! The sextet's can not just crack properly (many do), but has a real unique selling point: The charismatic singer Lee Triffon, whose distinctive voice with the songs of the EP "Delicately Violent”

“The focus is once again on the extremely versatile front diva Lee Triffon, capable of ingratiating to the bitchy drag out all the stops. Musical mastermind Guy Ben-Shetrit, which is responsible for the compositions holds the reins in his hand. The rise highlights of the colorful mixture between pop and rock type, with occasional punk influences and the famous Cover of Bjork's Army Of Me buy me out.”

“Eatliz makes its extremely dreamlike moments, and an oriental twist”

“This band is head banging great! I can confirm that Eatliz are a really original band. Actually, a class of their own... The album features sensational vocals by Lee Triffon, which blends so well with the music. It can be noticed mostly in the innovative chorus of their first track Food Fighters”

“Eatliz band are all guys and one singer LEE TRIFFON. she is bloody great. vocal wise and attitude too. Her style is very intelligent too. BJORK is a name not to fool with. Unless you kick ass .. EATLIZ COVER TO BJORKS’ ARMY OF ME is better than the original!”

“For those looking to rock-out, Eatliz is up and about! Anyone listening to Eatliz for the first time might find the experience slightly bewildering. The music is charming and fascinating and disturbing. It follows standard rock conventions… sometimes. It is easy listening background music… never”

“Eatliz gave the Jerusalemite crowd what it came to see - a tight, pulsating performance infused with the blood and sexuality that permeates the band's debut album. Eatliz proved to find the balance - violent yet delicate, restless and dreamy, warning but welcoming.”

“The video for “Hey” is so successful because the imagery mirrors the song–Eatliz’s lead singer Lee’s intoxicating voice sings about the dangers and allures of “playing” as an adult, and the video captures a darkness associated with the taboo idea of what “playing” really means.”

"violently Delicate" by EATLIZ is a brilliant album. Singer Lee Triffon voice is aggressive, smooth, spherical and playful. "violently Delicate" is a crash between the aggressiveness of System Of A Down and the crazy nature of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs …Musically, an absolute highlight and elaborated.

“I was treated to a blast of some of the most pleasantly dissonant and disorienting melodies I’ve come across in terms of world music. The melodies seem driven by a dizzying, taurine-addled machine– I couldn’t help but sway and bop my head in all the appropriate places.”

"violently Delicate" lives of its many moods, the playfulness, which go hand in hand with the incredible musicality and the high artistic standards. This work is one of the greatest, stirring and exciting albums from the progressive, experimental sector.

“The bizarre combination of cuteness, curiosity and melancholy, the comic-serious paintings of the game in an unfamiliar deeper girl radiates, is much more an indication of the many different levels, in the songs of Eatliz to find.”