Eastern Phoebes / Press

"...dripping delightful melodies all over the pop perfection, with some well placed swear words to snap you out of the giddiness of it all."

"...makes you think of afternoons spent by the river, soaking up the sun and simply enjoying the great outdoors."

"The dears of Eastern Phoebes create a sound that is at once pastoral, precious, lovely, early morning marsh stroll invigorating, fireside cozy, and more than a little feisty. Their songs are tinged with the familiarity of an old friend not seen in years, but also retaining an air of being rather special."

"Eastern Phoebes have managed here to create music that, on the surface, is simplistic and playful, cute folk-pop, but underneath lurks deeper, more intelligent lyrics."

"...sure to set hearts warming through the chilling months and prolong the festive memories of summer."

"Give them a cramped room full of random forgotten instruments and they will you give an album full of love, humility, and maybe even a cup of hot herbal tea!"

"For two people making lo-fi tunes in their apartment, there are surprising riches to be had on this record...it is to be shared with friends or faithful partners on sunny days."