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"This album is 9 tracks of funk-filled grooves oozin' that unbreakable New Orleans style, and will linger in your mind long after it stops playing. The tracks on "Comin' Up" vary from the solid, reminiscent New Orleans funk, seductive latin-esque jams (Track 9, Aright Tonight), to some down&dirty funk with soaring crescendos (Track 3, Stuck In A Funk-one of our favorites). "

"The songs may stretch out on stage, but they are all relatively concise on the album. The noodling that can diminish the quality of some groups that fall within the jam band category, and Earphunk certainly jams, is nowhere evident on Comin’ Up. The songs are well-constructed creations that hold your attention because of the details that emerge on repeated listens. Earphunk is earphone music for sure."

“A tag team of dueling guitars--Paul Provosty and Mark Hempe, also on vocals--surrendered themselves to vicious, labyrinthine jam sections, complemented by Christian Galle's saucy, dynamic Hammond organ and electric piano lines. Bassist Michael Comeaux and drummer Michael Matthews tamed the madness with a solid, grooving foundation that kept the whole place stirring. Constantly evolving and weaving in and out of itself, their seductive blend of funk, R&B and a free-for-all jam aesthetic enraptured the crowd into dancing, swaying and everything in between.”

MusicFromLastNight.com Blog

“Don’t let the fresh faces and the young ages fool you, this band contains talent. With about three years of experience under their belts, they have the sound of well-tuned instruments and a well-tuned sense of being not just a team, but also a family. The band’s sound is defined by expressive organ playing, fantastic guitar solos, and a background sound that is tightly woven and rhythmic - but don’t label them yet. Their new formula and sound has proven in recent months and performances to be loose enough to blend nicely with their original smooth instrumentals.”

Ryan Tramonte - NewOrleans.com - RyRy Weekend Hot Pick

"EarPhunk has some excellently contrived originals. At first glimpse, I viewed them as just straight-forward funk, but they throw in some twists that make their music seemingly less predictable than original funk, and a bit more raw. There’s a captivating flow to their songs; they’ll pull you into a jam, break it down to ground you a bit, then gradually build it back up into an epic musical climax. A couple of those build-ups literally had me on my tip toes."

Kim Morrison - The Way Live Should Be Blog

“The Earphunk sound is one of remarkably well-honed instrumentals, especially given the relative youth of the band. With less than 24 months under their belt, the guys have formed the quintessential New Orleans jam band with expressive organ playing, frenetic guitar solos, all underlined by a tight rhythm section."”

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