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"If my man made love to me the way Earnest Walker Jr makes love to his horn, I would be one happy woman indeed" -- Jenny James, The Charleston Inquirer

Jenny James - The Charleston Inquirer

““Smooth jazz and saxophone is nearly synonymous and it's a hard job to succeed in music business and especially in this genre where one can find so many professional instrumentalists - but I really believe that Earnest Walker Jr. can win the race. After his first album, Raindrops In The Sun, this album is his second effort to gain the attention of fans and industry professionals. Earnest proves that he knows the groove indeed and is well qualified to bend and shape it as he wishes and always to the delight of his audience.” ~HBH, smoothjazz.de, Germany ”

HBH - SmoothJazz.de

““Earnest Walker Jr. brings to his collection "Variations On A Groove" a very wide, eclectic view of the contemporary music scene. I particularly enjoy "Tiera's Dance" and the selection "Variations on a Groove", where Earnest shines on his sax.” ~Western's Public Radio”

Western Public Radio - Western Public Radio

““What can one say about such a well played and produced album? I'd like to say it is 'Earnestly Groovy' and shows many of the skills this saxophonist holds. For those who think Sax playing is somewhat passé, take a listen to this album and think again!” ~Highlands Radio 100.7 FM--Australia ”

Highlands Radio - Highlands Radio 100.7 FM

““While sax loving urban jazz fans wait with baited breath for the next CDs from superstars Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum and Boney James, sometimes the freshest, most sensual and funky surprises come from lesser known but incredibly fresh indie artists like Earnest Walker Jr. The title of Earnest’s second album, Variations on a Groove, says it all about the mix of seductive cool and explosive rhythmic energy he’s bringing to the contemporary landscape. Check him out and you’ll realize that the best variations on a groove come from staying connected to the unexpected.” ~Jonathan Widran, Jazziz Magazine, All Music Guide”

Jonathan Widran - Jazziz Magazine