Earl Dwayne / Press

“Quality timeless old school sounding new soul album from Earl Dwayne with well sung quality songs with positive lyrics and a great jazzy soul feel good vibe throughout! Strong album throughout Recommended.”

“It’s a no-nonsense compilation of authentic and strong melodies, none more so than the opening track 'Keep It Moving', or the high rolling ballads like “'Above The Water' or 'What Good Is A Song. Yep, a well-rounded cd, crammed with easy listening tracks, reflecting a dozen or more emotions, which is perfect for this lady. Excellent!”

“The vocal phrasing and backing harmonies on "Pointless" are simply delicious and echoes of Mario Winans a la his Motown album shine through this ballad. Anyone who has loved and thought about not having that person in their lives will subscribe wholeheartily to this song’s theme...quality lyrics, born from real life experience and created and served with expert production. I suppose that last comment really sums up both Earl Dwayne and this CD...a real must. Come on, alleged Major labels...check stuff like this out. Would it hurt?...”

“The set also boasts plenty of ballads – like 'Side By Side' and 'Above The Water' though the best is a wonderful duet – 'What Good Is A Song'. The cut is a quality soul ballad; but then the whole album is full of quality music ... a good, no nonsense, modern soul set!”

“On the inspirational duet "What Good is a Song," Dwayne wants listeners to know that his aim is to do more than entertain: "What good are the lyrics/if they can't soothe you/if they can't ease a troubled mind/what good is the beat if it can't move you/it would be a waste of time." Of course, the music has to sound good, or the artist won't be able to inspire anybody. Nflow succeeds on both counts. The purists might not cut Dwayne any slack, but most listeners will conclude that this New Jersey native is making a very joyful noise. Notable tracks: Above the Water, So Shall it Be, Push Pull, Blind to Love Vocals: 3.5 Lyrics: 3.5 Music: 3.0 Production: 3.0 Soultracks Call: Recommended”

“Singers that can sweet talk in song are some of the most fortunate performers in all of music. Earl Dwayne has just such a skill. These three songs, will sing the outer and under clothing off the women in his target audience. While "Keep It Moving" has a bit of a positive thinking soul vibe going for it, "What Good Is A Song" delivers a powerful soulful jazz duet, then "Side to Side" is all about winning over the heart - and more importantly - the body of a girl. It also incorporates a rap. This is lovers rock at its best! ”