Ear Candy / Press

“I am happy to let you know that your album Rollin’ Down the Highway has now been added to the Album of the Year nomination list. Cheers and good luck! ”

Roxy Noori - QMusic Admin.

"Rollin' Down The Highway" with EAR CANDY...... excellent work! This is a solid band with strong performances and good production!

Ashbury - Artist - Social Media

“This is a WICKED Band!!!!! Great playing and Singing!!!! This is the Bomb”

Joani Taylor - Singer & Composer - Social Media

“A true gift to music lovers ”

Rocket Cowpoke - Artist - Social Media

“Perfect name for a band - ear candy indeed ”

aFusion - Social Media

“This is much more than just..country ”

Andras Laszlo diPalotta - Social Media

“Ear Candy...Country Acres is a beautiful song... I closed my eyes and I could visualize the images you sang about - a very beautiful experience that I know I will want to experience again. Everybody will want to hear this one.”

Pat Branch - Bass Player / Songwriter - Social Media

“William Shakespeare once said What’s in a name? - where he commenced to extol the virtues of a rose's perfume. If he were alive today, he would probably be asking the same question of a new Brisbane Duo. If the name Ear Candy wasn't enough to re-kindle old Bill's curiosity, then I'd have to assume that the eminent English gentleman was "losing it". Ear Candy is indeed original as is their style & sound. The combined talents of Darrel & Rhonnie come together for their debut album, which appropriately also carries the title "Ear Candy". Some of the 14 tracks would not come under the "Country" banner but those that do certainly fill the bill, & serve to prove the duo's musical versatility. All tracks are original & come from the pens of either & in some cases, both of the multi talented two. Not content with writing all the songs, Ear Candy also take care of all the instrumentation & production. For those who like their music to be an adventure it is well worth checking out.”

Burt Everett - Guardian Newspaper & Trevor Johnson's "Country Capers"

“They describe their sound as a blend of country, rock and pop with a psychedelic influence - that influence is showcased in the current single from the album, Trippy Hippy. In other tracks, the country or rock feel is more to the fore. The result is not a mixed-up salad of different sounds, but more of a nice fruit cake; all recognisable as the same, but with nuts and cherries ensuring each slice is a bit different. This debut album bounds along nicely and would be a good soundtrack for driving. There are also some good get-up-and-dance tunes. This album was entirely created by Darrel and Rhonnie who make up Ear Candy; they not only wrote and performed the songs, but worked on the recording, mixing and engineering as well. They are tireless live performers, So the final score is not just for the album itself, but for the group having the drive and determination to make it happen.”

Jodie Van De Wetering - ABC Wide Bay