Eagle Nebula / Press

"Eagle Nebula is an internationally respected artist"

Beyond Race Magazine

“effortlessly DOPE!”

Wajeed, Bling 47/PPP

"...a level of confidence and natural humility that ain't too many artists on right now"

“Eagle drops rhymes of cosmic wisdom that wake you up and take you to another planet!”

Lichiban - wronglips.com

“spaced-out & down-to-earth, dripping with the sort of estrogen-fueled wisdom Hip-Hop’s been lacking for far too long.”

“Eagle Nebula challenges the scene to reminisce on days when freestyle sessions were like medicine and the street was a breeding ground for modern day renaissance."”

Sarah White - Trace Magazine

"...a breath of fresh air in a rap game that is currently polluted with ringtone singles and recycled cliches as excuses for lyrical content."

Jason Lam - Theme Magazine