Dylan Mathews & The Flips / Press

““Hard hitting blues rock, old school guitar” dylan mathewsStrange Weather: The new album from veteran rockers; Dylan Mathews, Brian Kinsey, Gary Bulldawg, Wink Pelkey, Bernie Lindsey. Although the band itself is still in the fresh stages of its musical life the members have years of combined experience clearly presented in Strange Weather. When speaking to the band they told us their major musical influences were Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Doors and Pink Floyd which are not hidden in this CD. With the help of MixMonsterz they created 15 track’s covering their wide range of skills, just an overall good album but already has a ‘classic’ aspect to it, you have that feeling when an old song comes on the rock station when you’re listening to their CD. I really took a preference to “Demon in a Bottle”and “Ride High” but really there’s a song that I’m pretty certain most rock lovers will enjoy!”

“I like that the melody was instantly found and that the track was so easy to groove with. The artist has a great singing voice. The vocals are sung with clarity and almost send chills up listeners spine with the power that the artist 's lungs expelled the vocals with. The lyrics are pure rock. Nothing but good clean rock. I liked this track very much and I could visualize some of the things the artist spoke of in the lyrics. The track has a great sound quality and will likely find itself climbing up the charts in no time. The track was well put together for the listeners pleasure. I like the artist and his style. He is smooth and surely knows how to rock a crowd. The track is accessible to any and all audiences ad will have listeners in a frenzy rocking to this jam. Good job.””


““I do love me some good rock music. The intro on this track had me from the start. I liked the boldness of the mix of sounds in the song. The beat has a fluctuating tone that goes up and down \. The richness of the instrumentals fades in and out as the track plays along. The beat was compiled with a rolling throttle of creativity. The composer of the beat expresses his musical genius with a hard hitting mix of guitars and drums and a variety of other sounds. But none that compare to the way the guitar blazed across the track. I like the hip tones and the way the track plays. This is good mood music, make you want to dance music."”


““The intro is full of energy. I really love the sound of the song. This artist sounds incredible.The lyrics are actually pretty good.The vocals are very strong,and full of clearness. I't is great I would love to buy this phenomenal track””


““Really enjoy this song, it has a pretty good story to it from the sound of it, and i wouldn't mind downloading this if I could. The song is defiantly like an old 80's or 90's rock band, and i'm pretty stoked to have come across this song.””


““Nice jazzy song, mixed with rock and a noteworthy voice to boot. Very upbeat, a song that sounds familiar but has its own sound. The drum player sounds really talented. The guitar player has some quick working fingers. The horn mixed in gives the song a classy sound that helps make it "not just another rock song" and be one of its own standing. I enjoyed listening, and would play it when making some memories with some friends.””


“Dylan Mathews & the Flips “Blues with a rock attitude” Formed in 2011 this energetic and inspiring group find’s their major musical influences in Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Doors and Pink Floyd. When asked to describe the band’s sound they told us it was “Hard hitting blues rock, old school guitar” Speaking about their lyrics and songwriting Dylan said “It started with me “Dylan Mathews”, I would write the music and Brian Kinsey would write the lyrics. Now, usually one person will present the beginnings of a song and the others band members will add their own creative inputs.” What has OrlandoBand’s done for you? “Made it easier to interact with other bands, like opening up for each other and show support towards each other.” ”

“Its sounds great! After all this time listening to Bernie practice it's cool to hear it all come together! The lyrics, the musics, it's all fresh!”


“I love this album with all the great songs to me this is top notch in all categories including your website and art work. Absolutely AWESOME. YOU GO BOYS!!!!”

Angelika S Butz

“Glad to see your moving up in this world...You deserve it..Tell Bernie I said Hey....”

Richard Homelius

“Dylan Mathews has been a rock star since high school. He was awesome then, and he and his band are AMAZING now!!!”

Jennifer M.