Dying Whale / Press

“A smashing four track artcore demo from the four piece “Dying Whale” entitled “Pregnant Before Birth” due to release late July. Top notch studio value from internationally sought after “Earthsound Recordings” producer Lee Dyess. “Pregnant Before Birth” explores, dabbles and fuses many genres with ease taking it’s listener hostage and leaving it’s victim spellbound. Bands such as Walls of Jericho, Converge, Dillenger Escape Plan & Circle Takes the Square have made it possible for Dying Whale to persevere in a not so common fashion. It’s great to find bands these days pushing the envelope and this demo has done just that by incorporating Jazz, metal, sludge, hardcore and even rock progressions into a headbanging fury. Front Lady “Lucy Pop” is the new rage, a gorgeous creature of torment and departure. After sharing a stage with the band I quickly became a loyal fan. It may be but a masquerade but who am I to judge, my only complaint is that I want more and let”

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