DUUS / Press

““Oilite,” is eleven tracks of upbeat, gritty bluesy goodness, which sounds like you are at one of his high energy gigs.The CD begins with blues classic “Boot Hill,” which has always been a highlight of his show thanks to the screeching, Hound Dog Taylor style slide guitar. “Blues in G” is a straight ahead toe tapping blues shuffle featuring an unstoppable groove and more gritty guitar and a touch of rockabilly, which is prevalent throughout the CD on several tracks. The rest of the CD consists of exceptional originals. The hook heavy “Burning In Effigy” is one of my immediate favourites. The opening guitar lick is hot and the chorus is addictive. Düus and his band including Steve Harris, Taylor Ackerman and Tyler Bird, slow things down a lot on the fourth track “Listen Up,” which features some very tasteful slow blues leads. The humourous and rockabilly flavoured “Oilite,” punctuated by Düus’ gravelly “cha cha cha.””