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"Where have these guys been hiding? Muskegon Michigan of course! You heard me! If you've been looking for a refreshing, real pop rock trend setting band, well, you just found 'em! Dutch Henry You may have heard them already on the WGRD compilation CD "GI Bootleg" along with Pete Yorn, The Fray, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Maybe it was on one of the NPR, College mix, Sirius, or XM stations nationwide. Or perhaps you were enchanted with the theme music for the Outdoor Channel's show Getting Close. Bur, if you haven't heard Dutch Henry, you really should. Their sophomore album project All That Space is a breath of fresh air. Dutch Henry isn't one of those pretty boy put-together-band ”created" to fit a marketing strategy. Dutch Henry is a REAL band. Dutch Henry are REAL writers. And they are awesome!"

"Local favorites Dutch Henry deliver ALL THAT SPACE with enthusiasm, perfect for closing out the summer. The album is roots rock and Americana, blended with a hint twang of 60's toe tapping pop. Even the tracks with melancholy lyrics, including Down So Long are refreshingly up tempo. This is a record to have for road trips and your end of summer parties.

"This four-piece Michigan pop/rock band is now being promoted, publicized and managed out of Nashville. This is the lead off track and title tune to a fantastically melodic collection. It is the kind of sound that once you’ve heard it, you can’t wait to play it for somebody else. Infectious and energetic and just plain fun. They’re aiming for Americana acceptance, particularly with tracks like the snarky "44 Days," but I see no reason why mainstream pop shouldn’t have a shot at this too. " - Robert Oermann, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE

Robert Oermann - Music Row Magazine

“Dutch Henry writes the kind of Pop-Rock that while never being completely out of fashion, probably won't be Top 40 any time soon. The title cut is a bouncy pop piece, much like many of the songs here, and calls to mind the Beatles or Beach Boys. Sure, other bands do the same thing, but not as well”

John Heidt - Vintage Guitar Player Magazine

"...Tantalizing of The Beach Boys and some solid rockers"

Ken Barnes - USA Today

"Dutch Henry is a massive mixture between Johnny Cash and The Clash!!!"

Yvonne Glasgow - Music Review Magazine