“Introducing the Dutchess of Rap aka Mz. Trappa one of the DMV’s rising hip hop artists. She’s been killin’ the area’s rap game performing at shows across the city. Continuing the daily hustle and grind while patiently waiting for the chance to impact our world with her music. Watch my interview with Dutchess as she talks about her experience climbing up the DMV music scene, being a lover of the ladies, discrimination in the industry, what makes her stand out from the rest, upcoming projects and more!”

“Rap is a male dominated music genre. Females are misrepresented because of poor branding. Sex appeal seems to be more important than rhyming skill. Why I Created This List? A blog post from The Smithsonian Magazine really caught my attention. The blog post stated that the number of female rappers signed to major labels dropped from 40 to 3. Yes 3! 3 female rappers! It makes you wonder where did all the female rappers go. Another blog post that I read talked about how female hip-hop committed suicide. Check out this interesting viewpoint from Chakara: Female hip hop committed suicide because labels agreed to unleash females with one common thing on their mind; selling sex. We sold out. We as a female race in hip hop sold out, at something that to do nothing but produce sexual desire for the male fanbase of hip hop. Why put all this time in effort into my actual lyrics when I can get a record deal from having a fat ass, freaky lyrics, and a pretty face?Do u agree with this?”

“September 3, 2013 WKYS has launched the "Who Got Next" contest for local rappers to compete for an opening slot at the Rock The Bells Music Festival in Washington, DC (RFK Stadium) on September 28-29, 2013. Rock The Bells is a nationwide hip-hop tour kicking off this weekend in Los Angeles. This year's show is headlined by J Cole, A$AP Mob, Wale, and Big Sean. Although the odds are stacked against them, two young ladies, Rae Shine and Dutchess, are optimistic about their chance to make the top ten. Rae Shine says she's looking forward to the challenge. Dutchess, a female mcee with unlimited potential, expresses supreme confidence in her lyrical skills. "The great Sun Tzu once said 'You have to believe in yourself', and with that said, I'm coming for that #1 spot nobody can stop me. I'm in my own lane!"”